Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thoughts halftime, Michigan, Illinois

- Michigan fans can't help it. Many of them bemoan the idea of Denard Robinson as their quarterback, but today they got a dose of life without him. The offense wasn't nearly as threatening, was it?
It also brought in the question: If there is a long-term injury, does Devin Gardner go back to QB? I would have to belief that is the case. He is a good receiver, but not great there. It wouldn't hurt the receiving corps that much. I would have to believe he is a better QB than Russell Bellomy, who was a 3-star recruit, a so-called late bloomer in high school and raw.
- Unquestionably, Michigan State's loss to Iowa will take a lot of the luster off the MSU-Michigan game next week. But from Michigan's point of view, it makes the game even important. The road still goes through the Spartans for Michigan. The Wolverines are in the driver's seat to win the Legend's Division. And if they do, as shaky as the Wolverines have been this season, it might be because they actually have the best team. Doesn't say much for the Big Ten, though, does it?
- That was a beautiful catch-and-run on a 71-yard scoring play by Jeremy Gallon. I thought we'd see a lot more of that from him this season. He is a smaller receiver who has struggled against bigger defensive backs.
- Michigan needs to establish a much better rushing attack from its running backs. They have been embarrassing in that area to this point of the season.
- I've always viewed Illinois as a "sleeping giant" in the Big Ten. The resources are there for the Fighting Illini to be so much better. Yet, it doesn't matter the coach, mediocrity has been the byword for Illinois football. Certainly, they have not been any better under Tim Beckman. It's like Ron Zook or Lou Tepper is coaching this version, too.


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