Friday, October 12, 2012

Justin Verlander perfection could propel Detroit Tigers to world title

Justin Verlander is the ace in any playoff deck
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Blogger Barry said...

Pat like you say, Tigers are a force due to their starting 4 and opposing playoff team are going to see Verlander and Fister twice. Their big bats should at least win one game. If there bullpen can come around they will be a force next round.
I like way Dirks hits the ball on the nose almost everytime. I wonder if Boesch will make an appearance in the next round because he can hit a fastball. He might be useful off the bench.

8:49 AM 
Anonymous woody said...

Tigers played a near flawless game, starting with Verlander.

In the Yankees series, if it's decided in 6 games, they'll only have one Verlander outing as opposed to 2 of 5 vs Oakland. so the burden of success will be carried by others. both teams' aces will have less impact this time.

several hall of fame quality players in this matchup. will one of them rise above the rest to propel his team to the Series?

11:49 AM 

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