Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thoughts after 4 innings, Game 4, Tigers, A's, ALDS

 - Max Scherzer isn't throwing as hard as usual, but plenty hard enough. There is still enough separation in velocity between his fastball and his off-speed pitches to be effective. Also, there seems to more late movement on his fastball at 92 mph and 93 mph than at 95 mph and 96 mph. And he still has his share of strikeouts. The A's have helped him out with pitch count. Scherzer has thrown just 14 pitches in the last two innings. Arm issues and all, he might still go seven innings.
- The A's have been living on borrowed time from the beginning of this game with starting pitcher A.J. Griffin. He throws too many pitches up in the strike zone with nothing on them for the Tigers not to take advantage of. That was especially true during the Tigers' second time through the order against him.
- Anybody complaining about Alex Avila now? His season wasn't nearly as bad as many Tigers' fan bemoaned (his .736 OPS was higher than MLB average of .724). He didn't get a two-out hit in the fourth, but he came through big-time in the third. He is hitting .500 in the series with a homer and a double, easily the Tigers' most effective hitter.
- Andy Dirks began spring training hitting, and except for a brief stretch in September, has just kept on hitting. It's still difficult to imagine he was competing for a roster spot in March with Clete Thomas.
- Good for Prince Fielder with the home run. He has hit the ball on the nose consistently during the two games in Oakland, but had nothing to show for it before tonight.


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