Friday, October 12, 2012

Thoughts after 7 innings, Tigers, A's, Game 5, ALDS

 - It's amazing how much better the Tigers play when expectations are dropped. In the seven years they have been managed by Jim Leyland, they have seldom played well as front runners. They are much better coming from behind or with their "backs against the wall."
- Finally, the offense has broken through. It shouldn't be considered any kind of fluke. Ryan Cook had been as effective as any late-inning non-closer in baseball coming into the series. Jarrod Parker is a good pitcher. Oakland is a difficult place to hit. The ball doesn't carry in that ball park, especially at night.
- The Tigers won this series when they made the trade for Omar Infante. He got off to a slow start on his return to Detroit, but winning this series would not have been possible without Infante. He has easily been the Tigers most valuable position player in the series. The MVP overall has been Justin Verlander. What can be said about him after giving up the home run to lead off Game 1 to Coco Crisp other than "brilliant." He is making it look easy. The A's look clueless against him.
- Doubt the bullpen will be a factor tonight.


Blogger Jimmie said...

I wouldn't say the offense "broke through" persay. Bloop hits get the job done, but we need to do alot better than that. The offense this series for both teams was pathetic, and go figure the day the day they finally do put runs up on the board, verlander pitches the game of his life and they don't need it. The story of the Tigers year, score when you don't need up, put up zero's when you do. Verlander will be expected to do the same next time out, but its not realistic, we need to be better at the plate.

I loved how leyland managed the game with timely steals and bunts. I think Verlander pitched the perfect game, and I think Leyland managed one as well. I don't understand the hate for Leyland today, were in the ALCS, can we please just be happy? Bring on the Yanks or Orioles, I'm not scared of either.

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