Thursday, October 11, 2012

And so it will be the Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander vs. the Oakland A's destiny


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Todd Jones one of the greatest example of there must be a God. How did he saves 319 games with his stats is unbelievable.
Good news the Tigers might be on a roll with 3 RBI hits.

10:39 AM 
Blogger section444 said...

I just wondering, has any team ever had a losing record on the road, and in the post season, and managed to win a World Series. The Tigers are so poor on the road it's hard to imagine them as a championship unit.


2:11 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I'm not buying it Pat. The whole destiny package. I am buying the fact that these A's are pumped up (when you see a guy standing on second screaming "yeah" so hard that his whole body shakes - you know they are really adrenalized and they actually DO believe they CAN"T be beat. The Tigers - on the other hand - believe they can be beat. Ask Verlander what he truthfully thought as Benoit came out in the 8th - then Valverde in the 9th.

Our own guys don't believe in our own guys. But good luck getting that sound bite.

Everybody I have talked to today has made the same statement - "for the Tigers to win tonight - Verlander has to pitch a complete game shutout.

That means no guys standing on second screaming so hard that their whiole body shakes.

And we should probably lock Crisp in a meat locker at the local Kroger there just to be certain. Crisp's beating us single-handedly.

3:01 PM 

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