Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thoughts after 4 innings, Tigers, A's ALDS

- Oakland center fielder Coco Crisp made up for his horrible play in Game 2 of this series on Miguel Cabrera with his great play on Prince Fielder in Game 3 tonight. The A's, overall, have been much stronger defensively tonight than during the two games in Detroit. The Tigers are hitting the ball hard tonight. They should have more to show for it. They will if they keep putting these type of swings on the ball.
- Anibal Sanchez weathered the storm early and has been impressive tonight. He has settled down mightily since the key double play. The deeper he goes in this game, the better. Despite what happened Sunday, it's difficult to imagine the Tigers winning a battle of the bullpens with the A's, especially in Oakland.
- The ball doesn't carry at night in Oakland. I'd be surprised if this doesn't continue to be a low scoring game.
- The Tigers are in good shape. This game could of gotten out of hand early, and it didn't.


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