Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Detroit Tigers become kittens on the road

Coco Crisp: Goat in Detroit, hero in Oakland
My column:


Blogger Fred Brill said...

It's 22 minutes before Game 4 - and you're bang on describing this team on the road. It's night an day - which makes Miggy's feat even more incredible - he did it in almost half as many games.

Okay I am exagerating.

But it is very disheartening Book to see the Archille's heel glaring so vivid for all to see while the Athletics raise their dagger.

Okay - I exagerated again.

But Verlander and Scherzer could both go out and throw amazing games - but without a bat ...

We'll see starting 15 minutes from now.

All fingers crossed - pass me the pretzels.

9:16 PM 

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