Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thoughts after 7 innings, Tigers, A's, Game 3, ALDS

 - Big inning by Detroit reliever Octavio Dotel. Tigers manager Jim Leyland rolled the dice having him pitch to the left-handed hitting Seth Smith. It worked. There is concern about the lack of a situational lefty in the Tigers' bullpen, though. In the long run, it could hurt them.
- If there was an example about just how much importance fielding plays in the game of baseball, it is this series so far. The good and the bad defensively has had a huge impact.
- Anibal Sanchez was terrific tonight. Not only was his fastball firm, but he mixed his pitches skillfully. His mound presence is impressive. As a free agent after this season, he probably just gained several million dollars and another year or two on his contract. I'm not sure the Tigers will be able to keep him. He'll have his pick of teams.
- Avisail Garcia couldn't be more impressive as an outfielder. Brandon Moss nailed that ball to end the sixth inning. He made the play like it was routine. As a hitter, he struggles to pull the ball, a skill Garcia could develop eventually, but he is already an excellent major league right fielder. Actually, he is the best corner outfielder the Tigers have defensively. It's not just because he can run well and has a strong arm, either, but his instincts are excellent.


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