Sunday, September 09, 2012

Thoughts halftime Rams, Lions

- One interception, OK, it happens. Two interceptions? That's a trend. Three is brutal. And it was almost four. The Rams are jumping short routes and Lions QB Matthew Stafford must do a better job of taking care of the ball, period. The only thing keeping the Rams in this game is turnovers. It is the only thing that will keep them in it. Otherwise, this will become a rout. The Lions need to throw deep, and finally did on the 51-yard pass from Stafford to Calvin Johnson.
- Allowing touchdowns instead of field goals is the best thing the Lions have done so far this afternoon. The Lions' secondary has been OK. Any struggles the Lions have had are not on the defense.
- The pace of the game, despite the use of replacement officials, has been surprising crisp.
- Simply put, it was a great moment when Wayne State's Joique Bell scored his touchdown. It's clear the Lions' coaching staff has faith in him or there is no way he would have been handed the ball in that situation. His jump into the stands was priceless. That was real emotion. Nothing phony there.
- There is no excuse for Lions' receiver Titus Young getting a personal foul penalty on the Rams' cornerback Corland Finnegan's interception return for a touchdown. It was away from the play and served no purpose whatsoever.


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