Thursday, September 06, 2012

How come the demise of Michigan Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson has been greatly exaggerated

The danger for Michigan, in the aftermath of the Wolverines' 41-14 loss to Alabama, is forgetting this is still Denard Robinson's football team.
One game has been played, yet there is already an inordinate amount of talk about the Wolverines "quarterback of the future."
Robinson is a senior. His development has been three years in the making. He should be just fine this season and is still a big edge for Brady Hoke's program, not a hindrance, which, predictably  has become chic to portray him as since the debacle vs. Alabama.
His passing skills are getting trashed unfairly this week. It wasn't like he was missing wide open receivers against Alabama. The notion Wolverines' offensive coordinator Al Borges should have just turned Robinson loose like a "wildcat" tailback against Alabama's defense has been overblown.
Robinson didn't play well. Michigan's game plan was flawed on a number of different levels. But that game was bottom-line simple: Michigan was just whipped upfront on both sides of the ball by Alabama, and the Wolverines' weapons at wide receiver and running back, and play in the secondary didn't match up well, either.
That will not be the case in the future to anywhere near the same degree, especially with running back Fitzgerald Toussaint expected back in the lineup.

As for the quarterback of the future, it's already been widely pronounced as Shane Morris, the lefty with the cannon for an arm at Warren De LaSalle High School. He was 9-of-22 for 104 yards in a 49-13 loss to Ohio powerhouse Cleveland St Ignatius. De LaSalle is a solid program, but they were overmatched in this one particular game. Morris, who is still every bit the top prospect he was entering that game, kind of became one-player against the world.
Denard Robinson, Shane Morris, doesn't matter. It takes more.


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