Sunday, September 09, 2012

Thoughts after 1st quarter Lions, Rams

- The Lions' offense looked terrific until the ill-fated pass by quarterback Matthew Stafford that was intercepted by Rams' rookie cornerback Janrois Jenkins, who made a great play on that ball. He crowded the receiver perfectly. Stafford was throwing to the back shoulder and it wasn't there. The best part of that play from the Lions' standpoint is Stafford didn't get hurt trying to make a tackle. It was a similar play last season on which the Bears lost Jay Cutler for the year.
- The Lions' depleted secondary is playing off the Rams' receivers. The short, quick passing game is there, and St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford took advantage on a scoring drive for a field goal.
- I like how Lions' offensive coordinator Scott Linehan takes advantage of reverses in the running game. Also, Kevin Smith is running the ball well. He looks fairly quick.


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