Saturday, September 08, 2012

Thoughts halftime, Michigan, Air Force

- Losing leverage to the outside consistently has hurt Michigan's defense. Too often, the option concept have been there, the run or pitch for the QB. If Michigan's defense funnels the ball into the middle of the field, they will contain the Falcons. But not if their contain elements are broken at the edges.
- Michigan QB Denard Robinson doesn't get credit when things go right. He is only criticized when they go wrong, even if it isn't his fault. If he continues to have a solid game today, it will be said, "It's only Air Force." It's not fair. He has been, by far, the best and most productive player on the field today.
- If there is a criticism I have of Michigan's offensive play-calling so far today is that they haven't handed the ball to their running backs, particularly Fitzgerald Toussaint, enough. Last season, when the Wolverines really got their offense cranked up, it was largely because of the balance between Robinson and Toussaint as weapons.
- It's apparent receiving the ball is not one of Michigan running back Vincent Smith's strengths. Wow. That interception was on him and changed the momentum of this game.


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