Saturday, September 08, 2012

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Michigan, Air Force

- The old-fashioned triple-option, veer, whatever-you-want-to-call-it offensive scheme Air Force deploys plays right into the hands of Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs. He gets a lot of tackles anyway, but look for him to garner even more than usual today. It doesn't appear as if Air Force is capable of burning Michigan deep with its passing game, and Kovacs is already creeping toward the line of scrimmage.
- Denard Robinson's touchdown run was almost too easy, but it does point out his superior athleticism. It's something too many Michigan fans, in my opinion, have taken for granted. It also blurted out the obvious: Air Force, and most defenses across the nation, don't have nearly the same caliber of athlete they are currently featuring at Alabama.
- It's understood Air Foce's offense is much different than most in college football. However, the Wolverines have still been too soft defensively. Michigan is fortunate it has not allowed two scoring drives already. The Wolverines still have plenty of work to do defensively.
- It's noticeable how much faster the pace of Air Force's offense is compared to that of Michigan. The Falcons are much quicker in and out of the huddle, etc. I'm sure it's by design. It has put the Michigan defense on its heels.


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