Saturday, September 08, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Michigan, Air Force

- The biggest issue with Michigan is its defense not its offense. You can blame it on facing a triple option team all you want, but there are no excuses for this type of performance by UM's defense.
- Can you imagine if Denard Robinson were not quaterbacking the Wolverines? Air Force would own this game. The problem isn't so much Robinson not running the ball enough, which so many claimed after the Alabama debacle, it's that he carries it too much. The Wolverines have gone back to being a one-man team. It's not like if John Navarre or Chad Henne were quarterbacking the Wolverines, they would be better.
- Air Force's lack of a passing attack is particularly evident inside the 20-yard line. It's like when the field is shortened, the Falcons are no passing threat at all.
- Michigan's run-blocking on conventional rushing plays by RBs has been awful early this season. There just hasn't been room to run.


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