Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thoughts after 3 quarters Penn State, Michigan

Bizarre call by Penn State coach James Franklin to try a fake punt. It's not like Michigan's offense is doing anything threatening. Penn State's best move is to pin Michigan deep its own territory and watch Wolverines' offense self-destruct. Instead, the fake punt failed, essentially flipping the field in the Wolverines' favor. Also, it was ill-conceived play. Slow developing fakes on special teams like that are a recipe for failure. Good job by Michigan's Mike McCray sniffing out that out and making a play.
- Looked like Christian Hackenberg went to the Devin Gardner school of quarterbacking on the interception by Jordan Lewis. Horrible throw.
- Ah, haven't already seen enough Russell Bellomy to know what type of QB he is? That Nebraska game a couple years ago sealed it, right?

My column. MSU Spartans won't get their due until they get their collective respect:


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