Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thoughts halftime Penn State, Michigan

Devin Funchess
- Devin Gardner remains a turnover about to happen. He has made several good throws in this game, but just when you least expect it, the turnover card comes up, Gardner's interception in the second quarter on a screen pass was brutal. The first half of this game sums up his career as Michigan QB.
- For all of Michigan's issues, and the way the Wolverines' highly-regarded recruits just haven't lived up to their advanced billing across the board, the one very notable exception is Devin Funchess. What a brilliant TD reception that was. He is an extraordinary player, and it wouldn't surprise me if he is a Pro Bowl NFL player some day. Big. Strong. Fast. Great hands. Great combination for Funchess.
- For what it's worth, Michigan Stadium is far more full for this battle of mediocrity than Spartan Stadium was last Saturday for Nebraska-MSU. Amazing, especially considering how many people this stadium holds compared to the one in East Lansing. Granted, it's a much better night weather-wise, but come on. We'll see how fast it clears out if Michigan loses its handle on this game.
- Christian Hackenberg has struggled this season, but he possesses a big-time arm. The way he gunned that TD into a seam during the second quarter looked like something you'd see in an NFL game.

My column. MSU Spartans won't get their due until they respect their collective self:


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