Saturday, October 04, 2014

Thoughts after 1st quarter Nebraska, MSU Saturday

- The Spartans are very much stacking the line defensively. Everybody, including the safeties, are within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Clearly, the strategy is to make Nebraska try to beat the Spartans with quarterback Tommy Armstrong's passing rather than All-American candidate I-back Ameer Abdullach's running. It's the obvious, and smart thing, to do.  Armstrong's interception was easy pickings for MSU cornerback Trae Waynes. He just isn't that good a passer.
- MSU quarterback Connor Cook looked a bit uncertain on the Spartans' first couple of possessions. It was kind of a weird play, and out of character, for Cook to picked off on a tipped ball like that. It seemed like the pass over the middle to Josiah Price for a first down, opened up the Nebraska defense a bit. Tony Lippett continued his terrific senior with another big TD catch. He is on pace for more than 1,000 yards receiving. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets it.
- The motion penalty on Nebraska guard Jake Cotton, in which he literally fell on his rear end while awaiting the snap, was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen in a football game at any level. What was the guy doing, a plunge for an ice tea commercial?

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