Sunday, October 05, 2014

Why the Lions draft choice of kicker Nate Freese was even worse than you might think

The story is well-documented. How the Lions draft Boston College kicker Nate Freese in the seventh round. How he was supposed to be their answer at kicker, following the retirement of Jason Hanson, and the disappointment of David Akers in 2013.
Freese didn't do well. He was cut. His replacement, Alex Henery missed three FGs in the Lions' 17-14 loss to Buffalo Sunday.
But it's the kicker the Lions let get away that really adds salt to the wound, Arizona rookie Chandler Cantanzaro. Beating out former University of Michigan kicker Jay Feely, Cantazaro already has two field goals in a late afternoon game today for Arizona at Denver, and is 11-for-11 this season. He was undrafted last May of Clemson.
He was the kicker the Lions should have drafted in the seventh round rather than Freese. It was very seriously wrong missed evaluation, and it proved tremendously costly for the Lions Sunday.

Chandler Cantanzaro


Anonymous Michael said...

Was this someone you were calling for the Lions to draft last year, or are you just using hindsight and expecting the Lions of last May to know what you know now in October?

Because you can literally say this about nearly every draft pick ever made in the history of the NFL.

There will nearly always be someone better the team could have drafted, but that doesn't mean that the team was able to know that the player they passed on would be better than the player they picked.

8:29 PM 

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