Friday, October 03, 2014

My thoughts and column on the Tigers' meltdown in Game 2 ALDS loss to Baltimore


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Tigers can have the best bullpen for rest of the playoff by laying off the entire bullpen except for Lobstein. I like Lobstein because the Orioles never seem before. To win the World Series start Price in Game 3 and have Porcello for long relief or Max for 1 or 2 innings to finish the game. In Game 4 use Porcello or Max whoever didn't pitch in Game 4. Have Sanchez to back then up. In game 5 have Verlander start and rest of the starters back him up.
Dear Max, get ready. DD needs to talk the Brad because DD thinks outside the box and Brad is very traditional.

5:56 PM 
Anonymous Chris O said...

Pat, the bullpen is awful but so is the Manager. Brad may be a very intelligent person, but he lacks the experience and ability to motivate a bunch of talented ballplayers, such as the Tigers. I think his lack of emotions is a huge part of the problem. Every time I see him in an interview, I get the feeling that he's just going through the motions and doesn't have any emotional connection with the players or fans. From the outside looking in, I really think Dave D. dropped this ball on this pick. I don't think Brad is traditional at all...he's got ice in his veins and emotes a bad vibe.

9:20 AM 

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