Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Thoughts after 7 innings Tigers, Yankees Tuesday

- Alex Avila answered his zillion critics in this town with a clutch RBI single in the seventh inning to tie the game. But it was only possible because the Yankees weren't able to play the overshift quite as drastically on him because there were runners on base. The second baseman likely would have been in position to make a play on that ball otherwise. More than any other Tigers' hitter, Avila has been hindered by the shifts.
David Price: Not easy night vs. Yankees
- I know these two games at New York have been low-scoring and tight, but they are an aberration at the new Yankee Stadium. There is virtually no room in the outfield. Andrew Romine's home run in the sixth inning was an embarrassing indictment on the ball park. That would have been a routine line out virtually anywhere else. It's why you can't be that upset with David Price's performance tonight. Has it been great? No, but it hasn't been a disaster, either.
- What an awful play by Nick Castellanos on the ground ball in the seventh inning. It was a mental error. It's likely if he lets that ball go through, Romine turns that into a relatively easy out.
- For the record, Price was 6-2 with a 3.57 ERA at the new Yankee Stadium coming into tonight. This has been a typical outing for him in this particular environment against this ball club.


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