Monday, August 04, 2014

Thoughts after 3 innings Tigers, Yankees Monday

- People aren't going to like this, I know, but a really good MLB center fielder catches that ball without any diving and by just running though to the ball. If you look at the route he took to the ball, it wasn't that good. But people love it because he dove. And they are going to love anything Ezequiel Carrera does. One, because he is not Austin Jackson. Two, because they root for the underdog.
- The Yankees are on everything that Max Scherzer is throwing. His off-speed pitches aren't as sharp as usual. His command is off and he is struggling to get the ball over. This is one of those rare nights when he little on the ball, and in everywhere. We'll see how he fights through it from this point. Scherzer and the Tigers are fortunate to be down just 2-0.
- This game is taking forever, and points to a problem baseball has with length. It's past 8:30 and they've only played three innings? Ridiculous.

My column: Like the Tigers collectively, David Price still has much to prove:



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