Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oh boy, here comes the Ezequiel Carrera bandwagon...

Ezequiel Carrera
Look, I really believe the Tigers did the right thing by trading for David Price. It is the type of thing that puts organizations over the top. The A's did raise the stakes. So did the Angels. But center field could be an issue with Austin Jackson gone. It will be interesting to hear what they say about it when this game is done. I'm not buying it will be as easy as putting Ezequiel Carrera there. Yes, he does have speed. He is having an excellent season at Toledo. Yet, he is also a 4-A player with a minus defensive WAR in nearly a full season in MLB, and just a 0.6 WAR overall. Even when he is struggling, Austin Jackson is a better player than that. There is an element about Carrera that is exactly like Quintin Berry. Fair warning.

My column. New season, new coach, but same trust issues with the Lions:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat I do agree and disagree on this one. You have applaud on the Price trade as most GM are in shock as they could have offer more than DD did and didn't. Berry had a lot of weakness as a MLB. He wasn't a great fielder and he couldn't catch up to a 91 m.p.h fastball. Berry could steal second base and that it. The reason why Carrera is not in the MLB because it is a number game. This is his break. He didn't have that bad of swing in Spring Training and can hit 92 m.p.h fastball. If he can provide good D in CF he will be just fine. This is crazy to write this but I saw a little bit of Victor in him. He is pounding on the MLB door. This is going to be interesting. Jackson I thought was losing a step in CF but still ran good routes.

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