Monday, August 04, 2014

Thoughts after 7 innings Tigers, Yankees Monday

- The Tigers don't need Eugenio Suarez out for any extended period. Hernan Perez is having a pretty good season at Toledo, but he isn't nearly as good defensively as Suarez. Also, Perez has struggled as of late at the plate. The concept of Andrew Romine speaks for itself.
- That was a nice piece of hitting by Ezequiel Carrera in the seventh inning. He popped that pitched pretty hard to right field. There are elements about Carrera that are remindful of Quintin Berry, but he is a better hitter. He does have a career OPS of .726 at Triple-A and .744 overall. That isn't great, but it's not awful either for a speedy player.
- Disappointing at bat for Miguel Cabrera after Carrera's double. He is still having an excellent season, but not in comparison to what he did in his MVP seasons. That was another example.
- This turned out to be a pretty solid outing for Max Scherzer. Show you what happens when there is good defense behind a pitcher like this, and what he can do with it. Ian Kinsler is an excellent defensive second baseman, and, really, the Tigers only above average position player defensively at this point. Scherzer getting through seven innings means a lot to the Tigers' bullpen, which still remains a question mark. Amazing how he hit 97 mph in the seventh inning.

My column: Like the Tigers collectively, David Price still has much to prove:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I like to see Perez because he is ready defensively at 2B. He does have better speed than Suarez. Suarez is impressive and I think he can stay at ss if he can hit. He could easily slid over to 3B once he fixes the hole in his swing. Once he does that, he is everyday player. I think I agree that Carrera is a AAAA player due a hole in his swing but he does look good in the OF probably because the other Tigers D in the OF are underwhelming. Your suppose to rip a pitch when a pitcher makes a mistake like Carrera did. He should be able to hold his own.

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