Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thoughts on early part of White Sox, Tigers and trade deadline Thursday

Drew Smyly vs. White Sox Thursday
- The move by Billy Beane was amazing. The signing of Yonis Cespedes out of Cuba signaled his way back into contention, and a different method from "Moneyball." These trades signal (getting Jon Lester especially)  how he is going for it. Guess he has finally had enough of hearing about his lack of success in the postseason. Guess we're not going to hear anymore from him about how the playoffs are a crapshoot. He is overturning each stone.
- I do expect the Tigers to do something today, and it might even be a big splash. Beane and the A's have put pressure on Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers to react.
- This has been a good outing for Drew Smyly. He is nothing else if not poised. His value to the Tigers as a starter or reliever can't be overstated. He is better than the numbers indicate.
- Torii Hunter has essentially lost all his tools except one - his power. It might be why this season isn't the swan song for his career despite Sabermetrics numbers which suggest so.

My column. New season, new coach, but same trust issues with the Lions:


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