Thursday, July 31, 2014

On the Detroit Tigers, David Price and Austin Jackson

The particulars have yet to be sorted, but it appears the Tigers have acquired David Price. It is also apparent Austin Jackson, who was pulled from Thursday's game, is going as part of it.
A couple things:
- This makes sense, not only for this year, but next if Max Scherzer leaves as a free agent. Price is signed through next year and is one of the top handful of pitchers in the game. This could seal the deal.
- If Drew Smyly is in the trade, it still leaves a hole in the bullpen.
- The Tigers had to make a decision on whether to sign Jackson long-term sooner or later. They evidently made it sooner. He has been a solid, but inconsistent. He has not become the star his stellar 2012 season suggested he was becoming. A change of scenery might be good for Jackson, who is just entering his prime.
- Billy Beane forced Dave Dombrowki's hand on this by being so aggressive. But that, actually, could be a good thing for the Tigers.

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