Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On Joakim Soria's home debut with Tigers tonight vs. White Sox

Soria: Not a good night
There are a lot of reasons is this game has turned out to be a disaster. The biggest, obviously, is Soria's awful performance. It was weird. He had nothing on his pitches. His fastball was flat, but his slider was particularly ineffective. Adam Dunn hit an 84 mph pitch a mile. It didn't move. Must have been a bad slider. I would hope so. I don't if it will mean much about Soria in the long run, but it should be remembered the one thing he really hasn't done in his career is pitch under the pressure of a pennant race. He didn't react well to it tonight at the key moment of an important game.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Soria's never had over powering stuff as of late. The only problem I have with Soria is he will throw some juicy ones. DD should have save his pennies and went after Miller. Miller is atop of my list.

7:54 AM 

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