Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Thoughts after 6 1-2 innings Tigers, Yankees Wednesday

- Miguel Cabrera is having a decent season statistically by any standard, except his own. He hasn't been nearly the same hitter for nearly a full calendar year since getting injured. It's na├»ve to believe it hasn't played a role or isn't a huge factor. It clearly is.
- The misnomer about Justin Verlander is that his struggles are velocity related. To the contrary. It's location. That was an awful changeup he threw to Chase Headley in the fifth. He couldn't have put it on a silver platter any better for a quality left-handed hitter to hit out of a small ball park like the new Yankee Stadium.
- Ian Kinsler is a terrific defensive player. That was a brilliant play he made in the fifth inning. The American League is loaded with quality second basemen, and it wouldn't be like Kinsler would be jobbed if he isn't s given a Gold Glove this season, but it sure wouldn't be a stretch, either. He's been outstanding this season, in both understated and spectacular manners.
- Verlander's pitch count is high through five innings (85), and it seems unlikely he will pitch nearly as deep into this game as David Price did last night, or get through eight innings like he did last time out vs. Colorado. But he is definitely showing signs of rounding into form after a very rough stretch.
- Jim Johnson is the new Joel Hanrahan.

My column. This preseason opener is anything but meaningless for the Lions:


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