Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The predicament the Detroit Tigers must face with Joe Nathan

No "certainty" for this scene in postseason

It went just fine for Joe Nathan and the Tigers Monday at Arizona. The Tigers' bullpen set up perfectly to protect starter Justin Verlander. Al Alburquerque got Arizona's best hitter Paul Goldschmidt to ground into a force to get out of a jam in the seventh, Joba Chamberlain and Nathan pitched the scoreless eighth and ninth innings, protecting a one-run lead and preserving the Tigers' second victory in a row. Cleveland lost. The Tigers are now back to 6 1-2 games up in the AL Central again.
But, honestly, do you envision that bullpen holding up that way in the postseason against the A's or the Angels or the Orioles or the Blue Jays or the Yankees or the best of the National League? I don't.I think this weekend at the Angels will be telling, especially in regard to their bullpen with Huston Street compared to that of the Tigers. In my opinion, the Tigers definitely need an insurance policy for Nathan.
He's a "maybe" and a "perhaps" at this stage. He might get it done. Then again, he might not. It's kind of like a game of chance.
The Tigers shouldn't be fooled by one night, or a couple. They need to add as much "certainty" to the equation as possible.

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Blogger Barry said...

Pat, it is almost a given that Tigers are going to make a move but you do not want Jonathon P. He throws a lot of fastball down the middle of the plate at 92 m.p.h and flat. A Miller would be better than Krol or Hardy. The latter are MLB pitchers but there not good enough to make the Tigers. I still like my starting pitchers, if Kennedy or Hamels can be had, you have to go for it. Then you have just replace Max in 2015 and you could move Smyly to the pen and also Verlander or Procello during the playoffs. If the Jays are tired of Cecil, I know his stats are bad , his screwball/slider combo is great. he needs to go after the hitter. I know stats call it a fastball but it is more like a screwball.

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