Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thoughts after 5 1-2 innings Indians, Tigers Sunday

- Drew Smyly appears back on track today. His command is very good. His breaking ball is better and he is setting it up well by spotting his fastball. A very good outing when the Tigers needed it most. He did a terrific job of pitching out of trouble in the sixth.
Drew Smyly: Sharp so far
- The home run by Torii Hunter was big. It gave the Tigers a little bit of a cushion and could serve to take some pressure off their bullpen. It was also the first time in this series the Tigers have slugged the ball at all. Cleveland beat them decisively with the home run ball in the first three games of the series.
- When runners are on second and third with two outs, the Tigers need Miguel Cabrera to produce. His strike out to end the fifth might prove to be costly. the Tigers could used the extra runs, again, given the current state of their bullpen.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, that is why Drew is in the MLB because he can spot the fastball.

1:57 PM 

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