Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter MSU Nebraska

- This is a weird game, isn't it? Just when the Spartans seem to be in control, they aren't. These are two very evenly matched teams, and an example of why the Big Ten is overrated. These are conference title contending teams? In the SEC, they'd be lucky to be .500.
Nebraska's turnovers today fall under the category of pathetic.
- There will be people who will say Michigan State has been more lucky than good today. But teams make their own luck. The last two times Nebraska turned the ball over, the Spartans capitalized with touchdowns quickly. It's what top teams do.
- This is the first time MSU's defense has been seriously challenged this season. So far, anyway, it hasn't been up to the challenge. If anything, Nebraska's defense, poor by reputation, has been better.


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