Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter MSU, Nebraska

- The Spartans aren't exactly rolling offensively. Nebraska has turned the ball over three times. That, alone, should dictate MSU will win this game. The fact the Spartans are only up 10-7 at this point is disappointing.
- I don't believe the turnovers are a coincidence. MSU's defense puts a lot of pressure on opposing offenses. The key for the Spartans will be stopping Ameer Abdullah. He is easily the best back MSU has faced this season.
- Jeremy Langford is a far better back for MSU than I could have ever imagined. Great job of finding a diamond in the rough by MSU.
- Tommy Armstrong Jr. is not a good passer, but he will be effective if MSU must load up and pay extra attention to Abdullah. What Nebraska was able to passing the ball on its scoring drive all was because the Spartans are so concerned about the option and Abdullah gashing them with runs inside. MSU's safeties are overcommitting to the run.


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