Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Lions, Bears

- The Bears' defense just isn't what they used to be without Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher at linebacker. They are extremely vulnerable to the run and the Lions' exploited it with the some nice runs by Reggie Bush and Joique Bell during the third quarter.
- It's amazing how fans love the backup QB, especially if he has played well lately. There were online polls this week, and Bears' fans wanted Josh McCown to start instead of Jay Cutler. It's not that Cutler doesn't have a few issues, but McCown is not nearly as good as Cutler. He's a short-term solution if there is an injury. Nothing more. However, having written that, the Bears would likely be better served with McCown in this game. Cutler is obviously ailing and is a sitting duck in the pocket for the Lions' pass rush. Cutler was ripped for not playing in the NFC title game a couple years ago because of an injury, but it's selfish for him to stay in this game.


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