Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Lions, Bears

- The Bears have struggled against the run this season, and especially since Lance Briggs went out with an injury, and seem to have overcompensated for it by placing an extra player in the so-called box. They had six instead of seven in the box during the first meeting between the two teams, and Reggie Bush ran for 159 yards. Chicago had seven in the box on the Lions' first drive. The Lions took full advantage of it by passing their way right down the field.
- Both offensive lines are handling the other's pass rush. It's not surprising from the Lions' standpoint. Detroit QB Matthew Stafford entered the game with the lowest percentage of sacks per attempt this season, but the Lions need to pressure Jay Cutler more. Even without Ziggy Ansah, the Lions should be generating a better pass rush. Ndamukong Suh dominated Kyle Long the first time the teams met. Not happening so far today.
- The Bears run screen passes better than any team in the NFL, both with Matt Forte out of the backfield, and their wide receivers.
- Suh with the facemask on Cutler was, unfortunately, typical, and so unnecessary.
- Cutler always has been, and always will be, a turnover about to happen.


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