Saturday, November 09, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd Quarter Nebraska, Michigan

- Gosh, wonder who is more nervous about the outcome of this game: Michigan or MSU fans. The Spartans would benefit SO MUCH by a Wolverines' victory today.
- The one play that stood out to me more than any other on Michigan's impressive scoring drive (a long time since you could say that) to start the second half was the screen pass. It's one of those plays, and there seem to be others, which have simply been missing from the Wolverines' play menu. Why? It's like half the playbook has been used. Another play they rarely use are drag passes to their receivers to get them the ball in space. Jeremy Gallon and Devin Funchess, in particular, have the ability to make plays after the catch. It's strange, too, because Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges has a background in the West Coast offense. The bread-and-butter passing plays in the West Coast system involve on-time, and on-target shorter passes and running after the catch.
- Rarely, in this day and age, do you see a team struggle with a shot gun snap as much as Michigan has lately.
- Freshman tight end Jake Butt is a good possession receiver. He has been under-utilized lately.
- It's easy to praise Michigan's defense for what it is doing so far today. It's also easy to point out Nebraska's passing attack is woeful and the Wolverines big problems this season have involved getting burned deep on passing plays. Still, a solid effort. James Ross is playing very well at linebacker today. Defensive end Brennen Beyer is playing well today, as well. Cam Gordon has made a couple big plays.
- If Nebraska coach Bo Pelini wants to change the course of this game, he'd insert Ron Kellogg III at QB. He is a better passer than Tommy Armstrong Jr. It was Kellog III would let the big comeback last week vs. Northwestern


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