Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thoughts halftime MSU, Nebraska

- Nebraska has been a comedy of errors. The Spartans finally took full advantage of it at the end of the first half. It was good offense with limited time left in the half and a lack of timeouts by MSU. Excellent competitive character displayed by the Spartans
- Connor Cook has an underrated arm and good mobility. The 3rd and 19 throw for a first down to Tony Lippett was a gem. It makes you wonder what the coaching staff saw for so long in Andrew Maxwell they didn't see in Cook.
- "Rocket," "Little Giants," "Mouse Trap" - MSU coach Mark Danontio is known for naming trick plays. Those worked in the past. The ones this year haven't been successful. The halfback pass vs. Notre Dame was a disaster. That reverse, wide receiver pass today in the scoring zone was "The Mess." The Spartans have missed a lot of scoring opportunities in this game. Too many for comfort, until the very end of the half.


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