Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thoughts MSU, Michigan halftime

- The Wolverines are winning this game, but the story of it so far is how well the Michigan State defense has throttled Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. This game very well could determine Robinson's legacy at Michigan. So far, the Wolverines' defense and a missed field goal by MSU kicker Dan Conroy has helped Robinson. Upcoming: The most important half of football Denard Robinson has ever played.
- If Michigan State's offense is going to be remotely effective, the Spartans must throw the ball deep down the field. That's true even if those passes aren't completed. It's ridiculous how close to the line of scrimmage the Wolverines defense is playing to stop MSU running back Le'Veon Bell. And MSU did have success throwing the ball to Bennie Fowler for a 45-yard gain.
- The best position unit on the field today by far is Michigan's linebackers.
- It's amazing how the Spartans gave up a timeout to ice the kicker with 1:12 remaining in the half rather thinking they could use it during a two-minute drill to possibly add points. Not only did Michigan's Matt Wile nail the kick anyway, but the Spartans offense did nothing with the 1:07 they had left in the half after the field goal. There is a totally different mindset with the Spartans offense this season compared to last when Kirk Cousins was the QB, and B.J. Cunningham and Keyshawn Martin his primary receivers.


Blogger Mike Salah said...

MSU needs to run the ball up the middle on every down, using different backs, (even Maxwell). It has to be better than the goose eggs they keep putting up. RUN the F IN BALL STATE

5:02 PM 

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