Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thoughts after 4 innings, ALCS, Tigers, Yankees, Game 3

- I watched Delmon Young take batting practice today, and he hit a couple low rockets over the left field wall, which were just like the shot he slammed off Yankees' starter Phil Hughes in the fourth. For all the angst about Young, you must give him this: When he's hot, he can carry a team. He did carry the Tigers at a couple key points this summer, and he is doing the same in this series. He has also been the ultimate Yankee killer with five home runs in eight games the last two postseasons.
- Until Ichiro slapped a hit to left field off Justin Verlander in the fourth inning, like the rest of you, I was thinking he might throw a no hitter tonight. He has been that impressive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm curious as to where all the people are who have been on your blog all year talking about how the Tigers need to get rid of Delmon Young??? The guy may not be an MVP type player, but he does have the type of talent to have once been the #1 pick in the draft.....and he has the type of talent to consistently hit playoff home runs...It's amazing how the critics go silent when success occurs.

lil rob

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