Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thoughts after 5 innings, ALCS, Tigers, Yankees, Game 3

- I've defended Curtis Granderson's defense a lot down through the years. He has made some of the best catches I can ever remember, especially at the wall. But he badly misplayed Miguel Cabrera's drive. Between that and third baseman Eric Chavez's error on Quintin Berry's grounder have given the Tigers another break. But to their credit, Cabrera did hit that ball relatively hard, and Berry did put the ball in play, which is always the key given his speed.
- Verlander made the fifth inning seem so incredibly easy. Part of that is his ability, but it's also the Yankees hitters. It's like they have given up.
- Who would have thought: Delmon Young getting intentionally walked. Now that's a switch...


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