Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoughts after 2 innings, Tigers, Yankees, Game 4, ALCS

- Andy Dirks has been a terrific offensive player for the Tigers this season, but there were times when his defense seemed to dropoff. He played more of a speed game in the past, too. Perhaps that's because he had an Achilles tendon issue during the season. He is running better now. That was a terrific running catch he made in the second inning on Mark Teixeira. He has also proven he can hit left-handers. C.C. Sabathia threw him a big, bending curveball and Dirks hung in there nicely to drive a base hit to center field.
- Max Scherzer has all his pitches working. The Yankees are doing more waving than swinging so far.
- Miguel Cabrera just missed getting the fat part of the bat on his fly out to left his first trip to the plate. It'll be interesting to see if Sabathia pitches him any differently to lead off the third.


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