Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Detroit Tigers are inferior no more to the New York Yankees


Blogger Jimmie said...

I still consider tomorrow a MUST WIN. Call me crazy; Scherzer needs to be dominate tomorrow. I feel like with pettite, than kuroda back at home, they could easily push this to 7. Our offense has been very weak, and I dont know if our starting pitching can hold up the way it has. Tomorrow is as big as tonight was. We have our foots on their throat, we need to press harder and finish the job. This is far from over in my opinion, I wont relax til that last out.

1:02 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I sure wish you'd have written this one tomorrow, Book - because I an most other Tiger fans (even you) agree with Jimmie above.

And that's the craziness with the way the Tigers are perceived. If they win, the other team made a lot of mistakes. If they lose - the mediocre middle rotation pitcher that night should have been a cy young candidate - When they beat up on a team - well your supposed to beat up on bad teams - - Yankee fans don't do all that?

My call on tonights game from section 114 - Scherzer goes strong for 5 3/4 and then gets hit - and Villeral - then Albequerque finish safely giving up only 1. The question is Sabathia - is he a rock tonight - or is he the same Sabathia that we hit all over the place every other night?

Where'd I put my little white towel?

12:31 PM 

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