Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thoughts after 8 innings, Tigers, Yankees, Game 1, ALCS

- Baseball can be extremely weird. Among the Tiger's heroes tonight: Jhonny Peralta (as a defensive stalwart), Phil Coke (getting out Mark Teixeira while he was hitting right-handed) and Avisail Garcia (as a clutch hitter). Hey, is there still room on the postseason roster for Ryan Raburn (I'm kidding). For all the justifiable complaints about the lack of balance in the Tigers' lineup during the regular season, the opposite has been true in the playoffs so far. And the Tigers have played remarkably well in the field. Good for Coke. He was bitter about the Yankees trading him after general manager Brian Cashman told him he'd be there awhile. Young owns the Yankees in the postseason. He has four home runs against New York in six playoff games between this season and last year.
- The Yankee fan base is amazing. They sure aren't just happy the Yankees in the ALCS. Instead, they are very unhappy it is not going well now in the series. You won't hear any other team booed like that in its own ball park during a championship series. Well, maybe Boston. Or Philadelphia. Something about the East Coast.
- Yankees manager Joe Giradi is having a bad night. His worst option to try to keep the Yankees close was sticking with Derek Lowe to start the eighth. He stuck with him any way
- Does Austin Jackson have range in center field or what?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you still a Valverde slappy and apologist after this latest debacle? What about Leyland?'

Leyland lost the game, the team and the series with his complete stupidity and stubborness.

12:26 AM 

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