Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, MSU, Michigan

Time is running out on Denard Robinson. Michigan desperately for him to make a play, the type he has made so often against every other conference or rivalry opponent the Wolverines have faced since he became the starting quarterback except Michigan State.
- It was a horrible missed call by the referee. Anthony Rashad White clearly should have been flagged for hitting Robinson late, and to the head, on his long pass attempt to Devin Gardner.
- MSU's touchdown drive was as unexpected as it was impressive. It was an excellent mixture of the play calls. Where was the controlled passing game before that drive? The drive was almost blown up by the bizarre wide receiver pass call in the scoring zone, but the Spartans' Tony Lippett turned a broken play into a big play. That's what your best athletes are supposed to do. It is something MSU's best players have done far too little of, however, to this point of the season.


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