Thursday, October 25, 2012

Detroit Tigers better wake up or the San Francisco Giants will roll to World Series title

My column:
Kung Fu Panda and Giants sent a message in Game 1


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, rule of thumb is they need to win one of two games on the road. Fister is a different pitcher than Justin so the Giants do not know what pitch to sit on. Tigers made some mistakes on Zito of not being patient. You will score ten runs on Zito if you make him throw strikes. The Tigers also saw Tim L and should have learned not to chase the splitter in the dirt. They also learn that the sun has set on valverde. Hopefully we hit rock bottom, and the only way is up. The bubble has to break for the Giants hopefully sooner than later. Tigers in seven. The sun will shine on the Tigers evebtually.

8:49 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Pat, there is no doubt the Tigers came into this game looking as lethargic as 2006. Almost as though San Fran were going to simply say "Oh, you're throwing Verlander tonight? Well then we'll see you tomorrow" and hand them the win.

But there was some bad voo doo floating around there too - those two fluke plays that both - had they not have happened could have kept the Tigs in reach - the ball that bounced off 3rd - damndest thing I ever saw - but shame on Miggy for sitting back on that high bouncer instead of charging it before it hiot the base ...

And that squibbler off Young's bat that he was then tagged out and caused the runner (Jacks? Infante?) - already running to be doubled up on a tag.

You don't see that happen every day ... but shame on Young for standing there refusing to believe it was fair.

My point is this - the openeing four innings of that game looked like a team that thought they already won that game - only to have the baseball Gods punish their arrogance - and that was more embarrasing than the Panda-Man from San Fran going yard X3.

The Tigers don't deserve to win this yet - and after last night - I am wondering if they will get their heads back in the right place.

They better start pleasing those baseball gods though.

12:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree. Giants pounded the Tigers to the ribs and took the wind out. The Tigers need to come back with a left hook to rock them.

The tight strike zone by home umpire reduced JVs effectiveness.

Tigs need to come back with some hitting power or this thing could be over before it starts. Need a couple 5-3 wins.

1:13 PM 

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