Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thoughts, middle of the 5th inning, Tigers, Giants, Game 1 World Series

- I know people are frustrated by the way this game has gone, but reality is the Tigers were one big hit away in the fifth from being back in it. But they didn't get it...
- All you ever hear about this ball park is how difficult it is to hit home runs. Then Pablo Sandoval hit three home runs in his first three at bats of this World Series. Two were off Justin Verlander, truly a great pitcher,  the other against Al Alburquerque, who hasn't allowed a regular season home run in 56 2-3 innings (he did allow an HR in last season's ALDS vs. Yankees). Amazing.
- Verlander is going to be roundly criticized for his performance tonight. It will be pointed out constantly how he has not performed well in three World Series starts. Verlander is the best pitcher of his generation, but there is little doubt his World Series performances have tainted his reputation. There will likely be a Game 5 in this series Monday night at Comerica Park. If it does, indeed, take place, it will in some respects be a defining game for Verlander, who will make the start.
- Verlander has accomplished more to this stage of his career than Jack Morris, but there is no question that when it comes to the postseason, Morris was better. He had two starts in the 1984 World Series vs. the Padres. Both of them were complete-game victories. It says a lot about Morris, who also had a 1-0, 10-inning shutout of the Braves for Minnesota in the 1991 World Series.
- After The Panda, Giants left fielder Gregor Blanco has had the second-most impact in this game by a position player. He is flashing serious leather.
- Never thought I'd see the day Tim Lincecum, still at an age where he is considered in his prime, would be a middle reliever. He did a great job getting out of the jam.


Anonymous woody said...

Verlander will probably say in the postgame that he should have gone further up the ladder with the fastball on that 0-2 pitch to Sandoval. the 2nd HR was hit off a pitch that was well-located down and away, simply an excellent piece of hitting...shades of Nelson Cruz in last season's ALCS.

10:30 PM 
Blogger Eric Graham said...

ONE GAME people. when they lose four....then ill worry about it.

10:47 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, the some of the Giants are sitting on certain pitches. They are guessing so you could cross them up. Fister should cross them up. Anibal might need to throw a few more fastballs. Max should be alright. Justin will be back.

11:45 PM 

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