Monday, October 22, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Lions, Bears

 - The Lions defense has held them in this game, but if the offense keeps this up, the dam will break and the Bears will romp. One TD scoring drive, and the Lions would be right in this game.
- The Lions lack of proficiency in the scoring zone is alarming. Where was a lead back in that spot? The Lions do have a package with a tight end leading up through the hole in short yardage situations. Joique Bell is a good inside runner. It's why they gave him the ball, not to go into a high-flying act. Bad and costly mistake. 
- This is a massively huge fourth quarter. The Lions win this game, their chances of going to the playoffs will go up dramatically. If they don't, and it will probably be too big a hole to crawl out. So where is the urgency? The Lions desperately need a stop on this Bears' possession and to score quickly early in the final quarter.
 - Stefan Logan's performance has dropped off dramatically from two years ago. He hasn't been threatening returning kicks for awhile, and now he is dropping the ball. He was lucky that ball bounced back into his arms last week. He wasn't so lucky tonight.


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