Monday, June 08, 2009

Did You Know This About Willis And Bondo?

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When Randy Johnson won his 300th game over the weekend, it was something we might not see again for decades.
Next on the list is Jamie Moyer with 250 victories. He is 46 years old. C.C. Sabathia is 28 and has 122 victories. He has an outside shot at it, but he isn’t even halfway there. The next best chances among active pitchers probably belong to Roy Halladay with 141 wins at 32, Roy Oswalt with 131 at 31 and Barry Zito with 125 at 31. Again, seems like the odds those three will reach 300 victories is nil.
Among pitchers 27 or younger, Dontrelle Willis - believe it or not - is the leader with 69 victories. Among active pitchers 26 or younger - again, believe it or not - it’s Jeremy Bonderman with 59 victories. It’s obvious they have no chance of winning 300 games based on their current circumstances alone.
In order to win 300 games, you must average 15 wins for 20 seasons. Don’t see that happening again in this era of five-man rotations, strict pitch counts and speciality pitching out of the bullpen. But if it does occur again, it will have to be by someone like the Tigers’ Rick Porcello who has started accumulating victories at a very young age - 20.

Random Thoughts

- I do like the idea of the Pistons being involved in a sign and trade for the Knicks’ David Lee. He is very good player with a lot the type of energy that has been missing from the Pistons frontcourt. The question is the cost. Lets put it this way, Lee is not the type of player you sign to a max-out contract, especially with 2010 looming and all those free agents being kicked loose.

- A lot of people were impressed by Edwin Jackson’s velocity the other night against the Angels, and they should have been, but he’s got an excellent breaking ball. He throws it hard with late break and a tight rotation. When gets ahead in the count like he has been this season, he is as tough as any pitcher in baseball because of that hammer.

- The Red Wings have had so many players step forward during this Stanley Cup run, sometimes they get overlooked. Who has played better than Valtteri Filppula? He has 16 points in 21 playoff games and is tied for the team-lead with 13 assists. And he is an excellent defensive forward, who is exceptionally strong on his skates.



Blogger Dan Fenner said...

Wow, that really is remarkable about Willis and Bonderman. It's hard to believe either one of them will even reach 100 victories with the way their fortunes have fallen.

As for Filppula, yeah, his production increase has flown way under the radar. I was one of his biggest critics in the regular season after he signed that 5 year deal last offseason, but he's proving his worth now. With a spot on one of the power play units next season, I could easily see his offensive output reach 60 points.

Great to have you blogging every day now, Pat.

-Dan Fenner

10:14 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Dan Fenner,
Filppula is one of many Red Wings players capable of playing on one of the top two lines. The only concern is that the Red Wings get too scoring happy in the future and their checkers forget they are, well, checkers first.

1:09 AM 

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