Friday, May 15, 2009

On Scotty, Verlander And Chauncey...

- Mike Babcock downplayed it after the Red Wings clinched their series against Anaheim, but it would be naive to believe Scotty Bowman won’t be a factor in the Western Conference finals against the Blackhawks. Nobody knows the Red Wings organization nor team better than Bowman, nor can find the small things that can make a difference in a series. The guy may be a little strange, but he is as close to a hockey genius you will find in this world. And I don’t believe that is an exaggeration.

- I fall into this trap, too, and it’s overrating strikeouts by pitchers. Sure, missing bats is a tell-tale sign a pitcher has great "stuff." Yet, it ‘s also often inefficient. Justin Verlander’s best start as a Tiger, other than his no hitter, was in a 2006 when stymied the Twins without a single strikeout in eight shutout innings. In that game, he threw but 103 pitches. While he struck out 13 hitters Thursday, but it caused his pitch count to rise to the point he had to be removed from the game earlier than ideal based on the way he was still pitching.

- I wouldn’t be surprised if the Denver Nuggets, with Chauncey Billups at point guard, wins the NBA title. Would you?

My Column in Friday's Oakland Press about Game 7 between the Red Wings and Ducks:



Blogger Eric Chase said...

Pat - 15 pts and 5 assists per game aren't glamorous stats, but if Billups does manage to win a title in Denver, or even if he gives the Eastern Conferece representative a tough fight -- is he going to Springfield?

You have to at least give the idea a swift kick.

It goes without saying that his reputation as Mr. Big Shot in Detroit, and his monumental impact on Denver speak for themselves.

2:59 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Eric Chase,
Probably not because he hasn't been first-team All-NBA or MVP. Those things tend to count for more, although I don't necessarily agree with it. Even though Billups has been the catalyst, Carmello will get most of the credit long term.

4:58 PM 
Anonymous Deano said...

I agree with you on Scotty Bowman. He used to be interviewed by one of the afternoon Detroit radio drive-time teams and some of the things he would say were brilliant. Chuck Daly was the same way.

I actually would be surprised if Denver won the title. Assuming Boston and LA are in the final four, I would give Denver the longest odds of winning it all. I do give Chauncey credit for the season he and Denver has had. I didn't see it coming when the trade was made. Saying all that, I still think it was a good move by Joe Dumars.

12:29 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

It didn't turn out that way in Game 1, but Scotty was always known for his in-series adjustments. Wonder if noticed anything from Game 1.

4:05 PM 

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