Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Actual Proof For Dontrelle

Just got done watching a replay of Dontrelle Willis’ outing Tuesday night (I was at the Red Wings game) and it was impressive. He has quieted down his delivery from back when he was with the Marlins. I do still think the odds are against him, but that sure was a good sign he might be able to turn it around. Hadn’t really seen any tangible proof of it before Tuesday.

Random Thoughts

- The Red Wings will probably sweep Chicago, but the Blackhawks are really going to be good in the future. They have tremendous speed. Next season, they will be the biggest threat to the Red Wings. And it won’t be as frauds like the Sharks.

- Hosted a radio show Monday night with Lions defensive end Cliff Avril. Seems like he has a pretty good head on his shoulders. Obviously, he has speed and he did have five sacks a rookie last season. He might turn out to be the edge rusher the Lions have been missing for eons.

- All you need to know about the American League, and why the Tigers will be in contention this season, is that the Rangers had won seven straight games entering Tuesday and have an excellent overall record. The Rangers aren’t that a good of a club, but who, honestly, in the American League is? It’s one of those parity years. Postseason spots are up for grabs, even for clubs as flawed as the Tigers and Rangers.

- I still see the Nuggets beating the Lakers in seven games.

My column in Wednesday's Oakland Press about Game 2 of the Red Wings-Blackhawks series:
My column in Tuesday's Oakland Press about how the Red Wings live up to their Original Six status - and the Blackhawks don't:



Blogger Barry said...

Yet Pat, this season is interesting and the Tigers do have a shot because 9 of the America League teams are at 500 or below. The Tigers have done a nice job reforming themselves.
They are in first place because at every position they have above average defense and above average speed in the outfield and at SS and 3B. This is something new for the Tigers. They have a few starters that are above average and bullpen is in good order with Lyon/Seays in the 7th and Zumaya in the eighth and Rodney in the ninth. America League teams need two big bats in the line-up that play 1B and DH and the Tigers do well at that point. They are also getting their left handed bats in against the righties. I could easily live with Maggs as the DH. Tigers do have some decisions to make when Thames and Guillien get back. If Maggs get hitting, I would be surprise if they got rid of him because of the honour of Mr.I

12:49 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I really think the key for the Tigers is going to be the division. We have to do a bit better against the Twins and White Sox.. Overall I think we have to be impressed by the tigers. To me it is much like 06 when watching guys like Rayburn, Larish, Clete Thomas the Frenches all the unexpected guys making key contributions.

The question I have is with the White Sox possibly grabbing Peavy will the Tigers make a move if still in contention by the deadline. I hear a lot of big nmaes available that could help down the stretch..

2:36 PM 

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