Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lets Be Honest, Tiger Stadium Must Come Down

Tiger Stadium is a deeply personal issue for me. Not only because of the time I spent there as a kid watching games, but also because my professional life was so consumed by it. It literally became my home away from home when I was a beat writer.
I truly loved covering baseball at Tiger Stadium - literally every moment.
But I have come to grips with the fact it is going away. I almost look forward to the day I don’t have to drive by it and get that sick feeling from seeing it half there, like a beloved one in a coma and kept alive for years on life support.
I was all for preserving a portion of it at first, but honestly don’t see the feasibility of it.
I understand it isn’t going to become a museum or a ball park for youth to play in. I understand funding for such ventures in Detroit, especially during these economic times, is far down the list of priorities, as it should be.
What I chose long ago is to put Tiger Stadium in my memory. To see that marvelous field in my mind. To recall the green seats they had when I was a kid. To envision all the great games I saw there both as a kid and when I was a beat writer.
And move on.

Random Thoughts

- The considerable Oakland County connection in Michigan State’s football program is getting a lot of preseason recognition. Oakland County has a player on each of Phil Steele’s four All-Big Ten teams.
Joel Foreman, considered a sleeper when Mark Dantonio signed him out of Milford High School, is listed as a first-team guard. He is just a sophomore. Junior Charlie Gantt from Birmingham Brother Rice is the second-team tight, while junior Mark Dell from Farmington Harrison is a third-team wide receiver. One of Steele’s fourth-team running backs is true freshman Edwin Baker from Oak Park.
Steele has Michigan State ranked 29th nationally.

- Brad Stuart didn’t have his best performance in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Makes you wonder if he is getting worn down from the extra ice time he’s been forced to play and the ridiculous schedule the NHL has forced upon the Red Wings.

Wednesday's column on Red Wings in Oakland Press:



Blogger Fred Brill said...

Given that Yankee Stadium and Fenway are at least as historically important as Tiger stadium - then yes it must come down.

I am so much more furious that it had to be exposed in its state of ruin as it is rather than getting a quick demolish for the respect the place it was. That was/is still shameful.

But then again, I guess to the city official's way of thinking "what harm is one more vacant delapidated building in the downtown core?"

Some of us in Windsor love Detroit to.

6:09 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
In retrospect, I agree. The sooner it had come down, the better. Now it is just sitting there as an eyesore. Makes me sad.

2:07 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I agree I think the TIger Stadium should of come down. My opinion the longer it sits there the harder it is to see it fall. Cause it was such a great place.. and filled with so many memories for all of us.

Book I have to tell u.. Very disappointed in the tigers this 3 game series. I am not worried. We will see how this Angels series shapes up. However, the offense stunk. The pitching had some moments. I am just curious any word on Guillen? Is he getting healthier and on the road back at all or is he still ways off? I am not sure what the Tigers plan on doing for the deadline. I do think if we can get any resemblance of the old Guillen back. If Clete can some how manage to hit leadoff or Josh Anderson (who I like both in the outfield defensively) then who knows. I think we should keep Granderson behind Crabera. Maybe put Gullien 3rd and drop Ordonez to 6. Seems like every year Thames always hits that homer happy stretch if he can come of the rehab stint into that. I think this offense will be right where we need it to sail into the playoffs. Its been a while since we saw Anderson, Polonco, Guillen/Thames, Crabera, Granderson, Ordonez, Inge, Laird, and Everett/Santiago..

5:15 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I couldn't agree with you more. The pitching has been really good, but the Tigers are more than lacking offensively. They will have to make a trade for more firepower at some point.

6:16 PM 

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