Monday, June 01, 2009

Zetterberg Making Another Push For Conn Smythe

The Red Wings’ depth is well-documented. They bring in a fifth round draft choice like Darren Helm - and he stars in the playoffs. They put a last overall pick in the NHL Draft, Jonathan Ericsson, on defense - and he is solid as a rock and starts scoring key goals. Justin Abdelkaker? What more can be said about that?
But you know who has really stood in the finals? It’s been Henrik Zetterberg. Head-to-head against Sydney Crosby, he has handed him his lunch. He has not only been a force pressuring the Penguins, but has played brilliantly defensively in terms of zone coverage.
If all stays the same in the finals, you’d have to give the Conn Smythe Trophy to Red Wings’ goalie Chris Osgood, but Zetterberg, who won it last year, is second on my list.

Random Thoughts

- If Jeremy Bonderman is pitching eight shutout innings of ball at Triple-A, he belongs in the major leagues. Don’t care what the radar gun readings say. Logic dictates he would take Dontrelle Willis’ spot in the rotation, except there is no real place for Willis in the bullpen. Willis, Nate Robertson and Brandon Lyon are making too much money release. Bobby Seay has a defined role as a situational lefty. I wouldn’t go there. Ryan Perry has options left, but he is too good not to be in the major leagues. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

- Nothing against Dwight Howard. He is a fabulous player. But mark me among those disappointed there isn’t a Kobe-LeBron matchup in the NBA Finals. The run by the Magic has been beyond surprising to me. I thought the Pistons might have had a chance against them in the opening round. Guess it’s all about matchups. The Cavs simply didn’t have an answer for Howard in the post.

- Hey, at least Chauncey got to the Western Conference finals. Did anybody expect that from the Nuggets?

My column in Monday's Oakland Press about the Red Wings:



Blogger Fred Brill said...

Pat, I think Ozzy is not getting the respect he deserves from those fans who claim he is only great because of the defense in front of him.

But until Ozzy somehow wins his own teams fans over - I don't think he gets in the HOF. Sad.

Where to put Bondy? It has to be Willis that sits. Great problem to have though. I didn't expect this problem in March.

12:28 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
LOL about not expecting this in March. The one thing about pitching, Fred, is that the issue always takes care of itself. Usually it is some sort of injury.

3:47 PM 

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